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Story about us 

KlikCare is a company engaged in the field of mobile phone service with professional manpower  and management system  along with long & excellence experiences in this field. 

Impelled by the spirit of challenge in this changing global business environment, KlikCare now continued to support the global trading with repair & service business. Presently, the new services value commonly required by mobile phone company.

What we giving our Best

Furthermore, KlikCare has objectives to provide efficient and high quality repair & service excellent  for customer, to strengthen current service coverage by partnering with dealers and retailers, as well as to serve customer fairly and transparent.

Our services include requests for repair of smartphones or gadgets that are most often experienced by users such as Power Problems, Display / LCD Problems, Network Problems, Connectivity Problems such as WiFi / Bluetooth, Touch Screen / Touchscreen Problems, Camera Problems, Audio / Ring Problems / Vibrate, Charging / Charging and Battery Problems, Software / Software Problems, SIM Problems, Keypad Problems, Memory Problems, Sensor Problems like GPS / Proximity, and others.

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Why use Klikcare ?!


With professional and accountable manpower and support by reliable system management, whether you need your Smartphone to be repaired in 2 weeks or 2 hours, our system forwards your request to a number of Service Center, who will serve you based on your need and schedule preference.


Customer safety is our priority.  All Service Center professional credentials are verified through a solid screening process to ensure both service quality & safety.


With a professional and competent workforce, customers can rely on us to improve their smartphones, and with the ratings and feedback from our users who will actually help customers decide which service center to use.


All estimated costs of each corrective action to be taken and also the possibility of spare parts needed based on your complaint, will be displayed transparently to allow users to decide whether to continue the repair process of their smartphone.

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With Klikcare's fully integrated services, you can easily manage your meetings, schedule business calls, create recurring meetings, synchronize your agenda and easily keep in touch with your colleagues, partners and other people involved in projects or business discussions.

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